Bellossom / Blubella

FREE PATTERN AVALIABLE (GERMAN/ENGLISH). I seem to somehow favor the flower pokemons 🙂 or rather flower pokemon.. no ‘s’ in the plural there, as my nephew just told me a couple of days before 😉

You’ll find the pattern in the link below. As usual it is bilingual (german and english) and free of charge. If you like what you see and or use the pattern, I’d be forever grateful if you could leave a comment or share it (no wordpress registration necessary) or like it, if you are registered. I am still a newbee, so I am happy for every click or visit I get.

Lastly, the usual legal stuff:  This is an Schelke04 Ideen original pattern © 2016. Please be respectful and do not claim as your own, do not copy, sell or distribute this pattern. Do not sell any products made from this pattern. Pokemon characters belongs to Nintendo.

bellossom blubella pattern anleitung


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